Completely harmless

Completely harmless

Saturday, October 9, 2010

HELLO ! Planet Earth !!

Wow,Phewwwhh... how u guys doing.. damn, it's been a quite a long time since I last updated my blog... gosh, i gotta say that I'm extremely busy with my STUDIES... well, u know, being a degree student is absolutely different from diploma level... I'm suffocating FOR GOD' SAKE!!, gasping for some OXYGEN !!!!!!

Come On Fellas, LET ME BREATHE !!!! oh Lord, after a long 4 consecutive months that i didn't updated my BLOG, here comes the moment u've been waiting for(didn't u??) hahaah.. Now, I'm ready to annoy this holy UNIVERSE with my so-called stories..hahahha... !!! of coz, what else do u expect in MY UPCOMING stories ?????? OF COZ...see u got it !!! a total EXAGGERATION and most importantly, HYPERBOLIC element ... hahhaha..

Now let me share some stories about MY HECTIC EXHAUSTING YET CONTROVERSIAL LIFE as a student which is the main reason why i WAS NOWHERE to be found in this virtual access ...


I'm currently pursuing my studies in Bachelor (Honors) of Accountancy, second year. i'm so damn damn hectic and extremely busy with my studies. but, it's passion anyway.. i won't regret taking this major because this is exactly what i want.. INDEED.. this semester there are 7 courses that i have to take : they are : jeng jeng jeng...(drum hitting.......)
1. Financial Accounting
2. Cost Accounting
3. Taxation 1

4. Auditing
5. Critical Thinking
6. Professional Correspondence
7. Ethnics Relations

cool...kinda interesting subject..( I being honest???).hahahahha.. u decide...
therefore, no messing around.. i gotta keep my momentum and stay on the right track.. 4 what? oh come on u fellas..what ELSE? TO BE THE BEST STUDENT...,OF COZ !!! now u know the reason why i had not updated my blog for quite a long time...