Completely harmless

Completely harmless

Saturday, May 29, 2010


First and foremost, mmg sayo beraso sgt bersyukur ke Hadrat Ilahi for giving me the strength to study hard during my period of studies in UiTM Machang..During my last semester in UiTM Machang, there were so many unforgettable memories i've been through as a student...

Paling indah seindah pelangi yg muncul di kala gerimis berakhir ( nih jangkit nga Nur Ayuni Bt Kamal doh ni....hahah) ialah................. i was awarded as Best Academic Student for Diploma In Banking during Anugerah Kecemerlangan Mahasiswa held at Perdana Resort...

Apa yg lebih mmbuatkan hati ini melompat-lompat kegirangan adalah... saya sekali lagi di anugerahkan sebagai Pelajar Terbaik Diploma in Banking for Anugerah Pra-Graduan held at Rennaissence Hotel..
Segala my efforts and initiatives finally paid off..but, it doesnt mean that i've already satisfied with all those achivements...OF coz, i will strive harder, work harder and study harder to make sure that i'll a chieve what i desired the most in my life which is to become a "SUCCESSFUL Auditor"..and to get my PhD in Accountancy by 27 years old..

Well maybe u guys think i'm kinda freak conceited person who loves to show me..that's not my intention..not even close.. coz i'd love to share my great moments and i guess that is why this blog exist at the first place ; the medium for expressing point of views and disseminating any i guess i was just utilizing the access provided..what say you huh??

This is me with Prof.Dato Dr Hussin,the Campus Director of UiTM Kelantan. I'm holding my throphy of Best Student of Diploma in

A closer view of my achievements in UiTM Kelantan..
from left : Best Debater, Best Student for AKM,Best student for Pre-Graduation, DP Cup Debate Champion....

These are my friends i love the most..always there by my side...
from left : Kak Ji, Nik Adli, Suze, Ayuni, me, Ida, Syieda, Limah..


  1. oit..terharu..ade gak nme aku even aku nie penbawa penyakit..penyakit pe wei..?
    hiperbola ker..? tu mu yg bawak..neway..thkns la pada ilmu yg telah d ajarr oleh ICON klas c eak..gud kurk..

  2. oit yuni, penyakit ayat2 berbunga and berbelit tu lah..aku tiru mu..hahahah