Completely harmless

Completely harmless

Saturday, March 27, 2010


LOL..i'm still in the state of shock when our team ; representing Banking students won the final match for DP CUP ENGLISH DEBATE 2010.. On the motion : THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT; THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NEVER RESCUE FAILING PRIVATE INDUSTRIES, we as the Opposition side went againts Business students as the Government's block.

This debate has gone extremely challenging and tough as we have to raise the very major issues on economic as a whole. it was totally a real battle between Banking and Business students since economic is our subject matter, therefore,the chances to win was 50-50. But,I guess, speaking on behalf of Banking students, we were able to give out better justifications on this economic issues.

The moment when the MC announced that the motion was rejected, i was like shocked to death. We won and we manage to defend the title since last year..LOL..sounds conceited..but it's ok..LOL..
and the PARAMOUNT of it is; the adjudicators who consist of Mr.Ramachandran, Miss Puteri, Madam Hjh Aminah and Mdm W.Aida (all are English and Law lecturers of UiTM Machang) had unanimously agreed that the Best Speaker of the debate goes to Sahir !!!!! i was like; somebody, punch me rite onto my face!! i dreaming? (though i knew it would only be between me and Zaf)...LOL...

But, the runner up,Business team represented by Zaf,Izza and Zein did a great job..they were rebutting and giving out loads of Point of Information (P.O.I) that proved their capabilities in debating..well done guys...LOVE U ALL..that final match was totally unforgettable taking into consideration the compliments given by the adjudicators and lecturers on how much we've already improved in debating...WELL DONE !!