Completely harmless

Completely harmless

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tearing heArt aPart ...

K .........B..........

i know i can’t take one more step towards you
cause all thats waiting is regret
don’t you know i’m not your ghost anymore
you lost the love i loved the most

i learned to live, half alive
and now you want me one more time

who do you think you are?
runnin’ ’round leaving scars
collecting a jar of hearts
tearing love apart
you’re gonna catch a cold
from the ice inside your soul
don’t come back for me
who do you think you are?

i hear you’re asking all around
if i am anywhere to be found
but i have grown too strong
to ever fall back in your arms

ive learned to live, half alive
and now you want me one more time

who do you think you are?
runnin’ ’round leaving scars
collecting a jar of hearts
and tearing love apart
you’re gonna catch a cold
from the ice inside your soul
don’t come back for me
who do you think you are?

it took so long just to feel alright
remember how to put back the light in my eyes
i wish i had missed the first time that we kissed
cause you broke all your promises
and now you’re back
you don’t get to get me back

who do you think you are?
running around leaving scars
collecting a jar of hearts
and tearing love apart
you’re gonna catch a cold
from the ice inside your soul
so don’t come back for me
dont come back at all...........

Melody Gardot - My One and Only Thrill

Saturday, February 26, 2011


yoohoooo... how are u guys ! lol, i didn't noticed that i have more than 20 followers. just who are they ? hehehhe. i might knot know some of them. well, thanks anyway for following my so-called blog. haha.

been trying my best to find time for some new posts. but hey, it ain't easy spending a whole day or even hours to kill to sit back and relax. been effing busy with studies... well, u know, it takes guts and stamina to be an Accounting student for god's sake ! well I'M BACK ...

Well, isn't it great if i got the chances to once in a blue moon, forgetting what happening around me, leave all those effing irritating assignments, conflicts, studies and studies and studies, for a moment of my own, embracing the calmness nature of mother earth, ALONE BY MYSELF !!!!! HERE ARE THOSE PLACES AROUND THE WORLD I WISH I COULD TRAVEL , ALONE, YES ALONE, ALL BY MYSELF !! FINDING THE MEANING OF LIFE ...


2. DUDIPTSAR LAKE, INDIA. (yes, it's India, and yes, it's beautiful)


4. WATEROA RIVER, NEW ZEALAND (oh my, i'll give my soul away in exchange for this)


Saturday, October 9, 2010

HELLO ! Planet Earth !!

Wow,Phewwwhh... how u guys doing.. damn, it's been a quite a long time since I last updated my blog... gosh, i gotta say that I'm extremely busy with my STUDIES... well, u know, being a degree student is absolutely different from diploma level... I'm suffocating FOR GOD' SAKE!!, gasping for some OXYGEN !!!!!!

Come On Fellas, LET ME BREATHE !!!! oh Lord, after a long 4 consecutive months that i didn't updated my BLOG, here comes the moment u've been waiting for(didn't u??) hahaah.. Now, I'm ready to annoy this holy UNIVERSE with my so-called stories..hahahha... !!! of coz, what else do u expect in MY UPCOMING stories ?????? OF COZ...see u got it !!! a total EXAGGERATION and most importantly, HYPERBOLIC element ... hahhaha..

Now let me share some stories about MY HECTIC EXHAUSTING YET CONTROVERSIAL LIFE as a student which is the main reason why i WAS NOWHERE to be found in this virtual access ...


I'm currently pursuing my studies in Bachelor (Honors) of Accountancy, second year. i'm so damn damn hectic and extremely busy with my studies. but, it's passion anyway.. i won't regret taking this major because this is exactly what i want.. INDEED.. this semester there are 7 courses that i have to take : they are : jeng jeng jeng...(drum hitting.......)
1. Financial Accounting
2. Cost Accounting
3. Taxation 1

4. Auditing
5. Critical Thinking
6. Professional Correspondence
7. Ethnics Relations

cool...kinda interesting subject..( I being honest???).hahahahha.. u decide...
therefore, no messing around.. i gotta keep my momentum and stay on the right track.. 4 what? oh come on u fellas..what ELSE? TO BE THE BEST STUDENT...,OF COZ !!! now u know the reason why i had not updated my blog for quite a long time...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I LOVE YOU...say u love me too...

HehE... I LOVE the most famous phrase expressed by the entire human being worldwide... there are many ways of expressing how much u love someone..and in MANY DIFFERENT LANGUAGES,this is the main purpose of this post, saying I LOVE YOU in different languages of the world...BE ROMANTIC....Say I LOVE YOU to your lover in as many versions as u can...hohohoho... So, aligned with my obsession of world geography and learning different languages, i HEREBY have provided u how to say " I LOVE YOU" in different languages of the world...ENJOY....................and learn too...try to memorize u silly kids..hahahahahah

Language I Love You
Arabic Ana Behibak (To A Male)
Arabic Ana Behibek (To A Female)
Assamese Moi Tomak Bhal Pau
Bengali Ami Tomay Bhalo bashi
Bolivian Quechua Qanta Munani
Bulgarian Obicham Te
Burmese Chit Pa De
Cambodian Bon Sro Lanh Oon
Canadian Sh'teme
Catalan T'estim Molt (I Love You A Lot)
Cebuano Gihigugma Ko Ikaw.
Chinese Wo Ai Ni
Corsican Ti Tengu Cara (To Female)
Corsican Ti Tengu Caru (To Male)
Croatian Ljubim Te
Czech Miluji Te
Danish Jeg Elsker Dig
Dutch Ik Hou Van Jou
Ecuador Quechua Canda Munani
Esperanto Mi Amas Vin
Estonian Mina Armastan Sind
Farsi Tora Dust Midaram
Farsi (Persian) Doostat Daram
Filipino Mahal Kita
Finnish Mina" Rakastan Sinua
Flemish Ik Zie Oe Geerne
French Je T'aime
German Ich Liebe Dich
Greek S' Agapo
Gujarati Hoon Tane Pyar Karoo chhoon
Hebrew Ani Ohev Otach (to Female)
Hebrew Ani Ohevet Otcha (to Male)
Hindi Mai tumse Pyar karta hoon (to Female)
Hindi Mai tumse Pyar karti hoon (to Male)
Hungarian Szeretlek
Icelandic Eg Elska Thig
Indonesian Saya Kasih Saudari
Irish Taim I' Ngra Leat
Italian Ti Amo (Relationship/Lover/Spouse)
Japanese Kimi O Ai Shiteru
Kannada Naanu Ninnanu Preethisuthene
Kiswahili Nakupenda
Korean Tangsinul Sarang Ha Yo
Latin Te Amo
Latvian Ess Milu Tevi
Lisbon Gramo-Te Bue', Chavalinha
Lithuanian Tave Myliu (Ta-Ve Mee-Lyu)
Macedonian Sakam Te!
Malay/Indonesian Aku Sayang Enkow
Malayalam Njyaan Ninne' Preetikyunnu
Marathi Me Tujhashi Prem Karto (to Female)
Marathi Me Tujhashi Prem Karte (to Male)
Norwegian Jeg Elsker Deg (Yai Elske Dai)
Persian Tora Dost Daram
Polish Kocham Cie
Portuguese (Brazilian) Eu Te Amo
Punjabi Mai Taunu Pyar Karda
Romanian Te Iu Besc
Russian Ya Vas Liubliu
Serbian Lubim Te
Serbo-Croatian Volim Te
Sinhalese Mama Oyata Adarei
Slovak Lubim Ta
Spanish Te Quiero
Sri Lankan Mama Oyata Arderyi
Swahili Naku Penda (the person's name follows)
Swedish Jag A'Lskar Dig
Swiss-German Ch'ha Di Ga"Rn
Syrian/Lebanese Bhebbek (to Female)
Syrian/Lebanese Bhebbak (to Male)
Tamil Nan Unnai Kaathalikkiren
Telugu Neenu Ninnu Pra'mistu'nnanu
Thai Ch'an Rak Khun
Tunisian Ha Eh Bak
Turkish Seni Seviyo*Rum (* means O)
Ukrainian Ja Tebe Kokhaju (true love)
Urdu Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat Hai
Vietnamese Em Ye'U Anh (to Man)
Vietnamese Anh Ye'U Em (to Woman)
Vulcan Wani Ra Yana Ro Aisha
Welsh Rwy'n Dy Garu Di
Yugoslavian Ya Te Volim
Zulu Ngiyakuthanda!
Interlingua Io te ama


First and foremost, mmg sayo beraso sgt bersyukur ke Hadrat Ilahi for giving me the strength to study hard during my period of studies in UiTM Machang..During my last semester in UiTM Machang, there were so many unforgettable memories i've been through as a student...

Paling indah seindah pelangi yg muncul di kala gerimis berakhir ( nih jangkit nga Nur Ayuni Bt Kamal doh ni....hahah) ialah................. i was awarded as Best Academic Student for Diploma In Banking during Anugerah Kecemerlangan Mahasiswa held at Perdana Resort...

Apa yg lebih mmbuatkan hati ini melompat-lompat kegirangan adalah... saya sekali lagi di anugerahkan sebagai Pelajar Terbaik Diploma in Banking for Anugerah Pra-Graduan held at Rennaissence Hotel..
Segala my efforts and initiatives finally paid off..but, it doesnt mean that i've already satisfied with all those achivements...OF coz, i will strive harder, work harder and study harder to make sure that i'll a chieve what i desired the most in my life which is to become a "SUCCESSFUL Auditor"..and to get my PhD in Accountancy by 27 years old..

Well maybe u guys think i'm kinda freak conceited person who loves to show me..that's not my intention..not even close.. coz i'd love to share my great moments and i guess that is why this blog exist at the first place ; the medium for expressing point of views and disseminating any i guess i was just utilizing the access provided..what say you huh??

This is me with Prof.Dato Dr Hussin,the Campus Director of UiTM Kelantan. I'm holding my throphy of Best Student of Diploma in

A closer view of my achievements in UiTM Kelantan..
from left : Best Debater, Best Student for AKM,Best student for Pre-Graduation, DP Cup Debate Champion....

These are my friends i love the most..always there by my side...
from left : Kak Ji, Nik Adli, Suze, Ayuni, me, Ida, Syieda, Limah..

Play TAG-TAG ( silly translation)

1. Three names in your inbox cellphone..
- YuYu - David (Aussie) - Faii

2. You main ring tone..?

- Grace Kelly by Mika (
catchy and entertaining )

3. What you did at 12 last night..?
- Watching muvees non-stop on HBO,Star Movies and Cinemax..

4. Who was the last person u went out with.?where..?
- My BFFs ; Yuni,Syida,Dieba,Muni,Limah

5. The colour of the shirt you are wearing now..?
-Dark Brown...

6. The last thing you did..?
- I was listening to a Malay song by Maulana AF titled "RSVP". It's kinda weird coz I haven't heard Malay songs quite a long time before.but this song really took my attention.. cool.. i love the sense of Jazz he has with..

7. Three of your everyday favorite items..?
- CELCOM broadband (samo nga mek YuYu)
- Nescafe 3 in 1.
- TV...........

8. Colour of your bedroom..?
- Plain Green..

9. How much money in your wallet now..?
- no notes..just coins..hahahah

10. Favorite songs..?
1. Honey Bee by Zee Avi
2. That Green Gentleman by Panic at The Disco
3. Gravity by Ryan Tedder
4.Deeper Conversation by Yuna
5. Grace Kelly by Mika

11. Who is your bf..?
Oit Yuni....perlu ke aku jawab soklan nih? hahah

12. Are you angry with someone..?
- no...i love every single human being..

13. The last time you feel sad..?
- last day in UiTM Machang..saying goodbye to my friends..

14. Your wish for tomorrow..?
- a successful Auditor
- Backpacking around Europe
-Creating my own songs (lol...impossible)



Monday, May 3, 2010

The Greatest Journey (FRIENDS)

standing from left : sha,ja,yun,diebah,ain,yuni and me (sahir)..
sitting from left : suze,zafirah,ida, and Nik Adli...

How do i start this ? damn, this is insanely hard and truly difficult for me saying goodbye to my BELOVED FRIENDS in UiTM MACHANG..especially my classmates...they are the best classmates ever...there are so many things we've shared and been through together as dedicated students ( are we?? ) at UiTM Machang... i cant even express with words my feeling of joy, happiness, and thankful to all of my friends who are willing to share the great moments while we were together striving for our DREAMS, AMBITIONS AND MISSIONS that no one has any idea on how GLORIOUS we can be.

To my BFFs, damn ......i'll be MISSING u guys like CRAZY..... i just want u guys to know that i'm so thankful to god and so proud to have friends like all of you.. my deepest love, thanks and utmost appreciation goes to you for being part of my LIFE as the people i love the most...

my beloved classmates :

Ayuni (YuYu) :She is my BFF. She's ultimately fun,lovely and kind. the moments we had together all this time were great moments. HONESTLY, there's no even single second that i regretted for being with u..YA,we'll never forget time we've spent together telling stupid jokes,hyperbolic stuffs, (mengumpat...LOL), eating,eating and eating, we all know how big is ur LOVE for EATING..IT'S JUST SO MUCH FUN..UR MY BEST FRIEND I'LL NEVER FORGET.. Thanks so much girl for being my greatest friend ever..OF COZ we'll furthering our studies at the sam place,same major..we'll be classmates again..that's a promise..

Syida(SyiSyi) : ya girl..u the way u just being urself..the originality..i kinda respect the fact that ur so independent and a girl with no FEAR...ya, ur damn hilarious and funny..i'm so gonna miss the times we had together..OF COZ,THE HYPERBOLIC STORIES AND JOKES..gonna miss them....and yes,ur MY BFF too...i really want u to be successful with ur passion and ur dreams.. i know u can be very successful in doing things u love...(degree in English In Professional Communications and Corporate Use..)

Ida(YaYa) : she's my super great friend i ever passionate and full of energy in telling STORIES..she's fun and funny too...we are all will be captivated hearing to her stories...and Halimah,in a worst case scenario : drooling unconsciously hearing to Ida's interesting yet sensational stories..hahahahah..she's literally fun to be with..and of coz, another BFF in my book of happiness's list..friend, im literally thankful u exist in my life for cheering me up, sharing delightful moments together...THANK U so my MY BFF..

Suze : ya..she's a sweet and SPOIL CHILD, u're my great friend too.. u always know how to make me smile, laughing my ass off....i realized that u'r so damn INTELLIGENT... it's just u who dont really wanna show ur true capabilities...girl, u gotta keep it real.. u're brilliant for God's sake...i know u are...and u delighted my life too as a frenz i'll never forget..

Adli : ok...HILARIOUS...that's it...i'm done..hahahah..ya man,ur DAMN FUNNY....

Hissyam : ya u are among my earliest friends i knew in UiTM Machang..u're helpfuk friends... i know i can rely on u when i'm in trouble..ya and that's why they say : a friend in need in a frien indeed..and YES, ur indeed my great friends..thanks for all the good deeds and times we had together..

Halimah : another HILARIOUS human being..soooooooooooooo naive..ya...literally naive.. u r so kind-hearted and yet so innocent..i wish u all the best in ur life my friend...gud luck with ur dreams of becoming succesful mean succesful Banker or Businesswoman...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Final exam is just around the corner.. we can feel the heat now..I'll be very busy and hectic during final exams with my studies, revisions and not to forget TUTORING my's has been entirely my obligation(and my pleasure too) tutoring my classmates since i was in second semester up until now, part 6.. ! they asked me to help them for their revisions on certain hardcore subjects.

This semester, there will be tutorial for Investment Management subject !! and perhaps Islamic Banking and Entrepreneurship too.. as for Operations Management subject, i bet my friend wont looking forward to see me cause i'm not that good in the subject. in fact, i screwed up ! Life couldn't get any worse than screwing up both of my Operations Management Tests. yeah, i scored 37/45 for my first test. the marks were devastating enough to make me sleepless, miserable and totally insane for the whole month.. arhhhh..i wish i could have don a lot more better than that, well maybe at least i could have got minimum 42/45.. then only it would be acceptable for me...!!

However, nobody to blame but MYSELF !! maybe i didn't have sufficient initiatives and efforts, or maybe i AM NATURALLY DUMB ! (no,there's no such thing as; born to be fool though) .. so, i considered that as a lesson for me not to take things for granted after this. Not to easily feel satisfied with a little efforts. i gotta keep my head held high in pursuing and striving my passions and desires as in education.. Because i insist that ; what differs the level of humans' civilization and sovereignty is KNOWLEDGE !!!



( the lyric really motivates me in pursuing my meaningful words of wisdom ..)

When you get caught in the rain
With nowhere to run
When you're distraught and in pain without anyone
When you keep crying out to be saved
But nobody comes and you feel so far away
That you just can't find your way home
You can get there alone It's okay, what you say is

I can make it through the rain,
I can stand up once again on my own

And I know that I'm strong enough to mend
And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith
And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

And if you keep falling down, don't you dare give in
You will arise safe and sound, so keep pressing on steadfastly And you'll find what you need to prevail
What you say is

I can make it through the rain,
I can stand up once again on my own
And I know that
I'm strong enough to mend
And every time I feel afraid
I hold tighter to my faith
And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

And when the rain blows, as shadows grow close
Don't be afraid, there's nothing you can't face
And should they tell you, you'll never pull through
Don't hesitate, stand tall and say

I can make it through the rain,
I can stand up once again on my own

And I know that I'm strong enough to mend
And every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith
And I live one more day and I make it through the rain

I can make it through the rain
As I live once again
And I live one more day
I can make it through the rain
Yes you can
You gonna make it through the rain

Saturday, March 27, 2010


LOL..i'm still in the state of shock when our team ; representing Banking students won the final match for DP CUP ENGLISH DEBATE 2010.. On the motion : THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT; THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NEVER RESCUE FAILING PRIVATE INDUSTRIES, we as the Opposition side went againts Business students as the Government's block.

This debate has gone extremely challenging and tough as we have to raise the very major issues on economic as a whole. it was totally a real battle between Banking and Business students since economic is our subject matter, therefore,the chances to win was 50-50. But,I guess, speaking on behalf of Banking students, we were able to give out better justifications on this economic issues.

The moment when the MC announced that the motion was rejected, i was like shocked to death. We won and we manage to defend the title since last year..LOL..sounds conceited..but it's ok..LOL..
and the PARAMOUNT of it is; the adjudicators who consist of Mr.Ramachandran, Miss Puteri, Madam Hjh Aminah and Mdm W.Aida (all are English and Law lecturers of UiTM Machang) had unanimously agreed that the Best Speaker of the debate goes to Sahir !!!!! i was like; somebody, punch me rite onto my face!! i dreaming? (though i knew it would only be between me and Zaf)...LOL...

But, the runner up,Business team represented by Zaf,Izza and Zein did a great job..they were rebutting and giving out loads of Point of Information (P.O.I) that proved their capabilities in debating..well done guys...LOVE U ALL..that final match was totally unforgettable taking into consideration the compliments given by the adjudicators and lecturers on how much we've already improved in debating...WELL DONE !!